3D Pen

3D Pen

This is actually insane! You can draw in mid air! Need I say any more. Just watch the video.

Leap Motion

Is this the future of how we use computers?

Leap Motion is a product that lets you control your computer by waving your hands in front of it. The accuracy it picks up is amazing, and it could open up a whole range of possibilities. I think it's pretty cool. Check it out!

Following Suitcase video

A Suitcase That Follows You

This latest gadget enables you to walk around the airport whilst eating, using your phone or whatever you may want to do. And your suitcase will stay right beside you. It simply connects to your phone and wherever you go, it goes. Check out the video.

Pixel Ruler

Pixel Ruler

Ever tried sketching something for web but struggled to get the dimensions right? Struggle no more with this pixel ruler.

Lockitron remote lock

Remote Door Lock

For all those times you've wished you could lock or unlock your house remotely. Now you can with Lockitron's remote deadbolt lock controlled straight from your phone.

Facebook's Open Plan Office

Facebook's Open Plan Office

While Google are going for as many styles as possible, Facebook are going for the biggest single room. Frank Gehry was given a brief of creating the largest open plan office in the world. It looks like he succeeded.

Transparent Smart Window

Transparent Smart Window

The latest item to be made smart is the window with this nifty invention from Samsung combining a fully functioning window with an interactive t.v screen.

Google's new London HQ

Google's London HQ

Google seems to be trying to break a record for the most number of styles in one building. Interior design company PENSON have designed their new offices on Tottenham Court Road and it consists of some interesting styles.

Readable Ink Video

Ink your phone can read

QR codes are a very useful connection between the print and digital worlds, but they have never been a designer's best friend. They are not the most beautiful of elements to incorporate into a design. Printechnologic has developed a ink which your smartphone can read without even having to use the camera. Just place on the screen of your phone and it will read the electronic code embeded inside the ink.